Questionnaire Up There

Relatively recently, I’ve been entertaining probing questions that Yah has been laying on my heart. They’ve mainly been about the purpose of congregations, roles/spiritual gifts, and The Great Commission. I wanted to hear from my co-workers in Yahshua, so I curated a brief questionnaire. The following are three questions that I asked, along with their scintillating responses, which are cloaked in anonymity.  


How do you feel about the Great Commission? Mattityah 28:18-20

“The Great Commission is a high calling for all of Yah’s people. It tells us not to keep the great gift of Yeshua to ourselves, but to bring [it] to all! It’s definitely easier said than done, and requires the Ruach HaKodesh in order to purposefully and effectively share the Truth with others.”


“In favor of it because Messiah spoke/commanded it to us.”


“Mattityah 28:18-20, as people refer to it as the Great Commission, is Scripture indeed, so it of highest priority along with the rest of the Scriptures. I think it is very important and we must obey our Master Yahusha.”


“This is a command, not a suggestion. Make believers take the Great Commission very passively and assume that “someone else will do it.” Or “I’ll just pray.” When we are ALL called to make disciples of all nations. With signs and wonders following as indicators, at the end of Mark 16. It’s high time The Body starts making disciples of Yeshua, not just making people members of a congregation. We need disciples, not members. *Drops 🎤* “. 




In your understanding, why do you think congregations are important, in the life of a Believer? Ibrim 10:24,25


“I think that congregations are important for Yah-like community. It’s hard to walk in Yah alone. When our faith walk falters, other Believers can shine a light of prayer, Scripture, or encouragement into our lives. It’s a blessing to have a community of believers who can stand strong in Yah, united by love and understanding.”

“[For] encouragement and accountability. Ibrim 10:25. Ephesians 4:11-12, Mattityah 18:15-20.”


“Personally, I believe congregations, big or small, are crucial for one’s spiritual growth.”


“My answer is going to be yes and no. A congregation in the traditional sense is not really necessary, as any believers who gather together in His Name are a qehillat [assembly/fellowship] or congregation. But in the understanding that an actual building is not needed, we should gather regularly with believers to sharpen and pray for one another and to learn from each other. But this can be done anywhere, not just in a traditional house of worship. His Body is a people, not a building.”



Are you cognizant of your role & spiritual gift(s) in The Body of Yahshua? Romans 12:6-8. 


“To a degree. I feel as though my spiritual gifts are still being revealed to me by Yah. I think my gifts to offer would center around empathy and encouragement.”


“Some of them, I believe.”


“I believe I am. Yes. My gifts may not be fully manifested yet, but of the examples Shaul writes in those verses, I believe many of them I possess, and more will come. HALLELUYAH!”


“Yes. In fact, this weekend I became keenly aware of how I had been running from my call for years. Yah layed several mantles on me over the years and steadily revealed them to me. I am now aware of my gifts an am actively walking in those roles as led by The Ruach.”


Thank You to every Believer who participated in this tiny questionnaire!!!


Keep asking, and it will be given to you; keep seeking and you will find; keep knocking, and the door will be opened to you.” 






“Now if any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask Yahweh, who gives to all generously and without reproach; and it will be given to him.”





I often wonder why as adults, we sometimes make more presuppositions, than we ask questions? Maybe it’s due to fear of what our friends/peers will think? We don’t want to appear ignorant or unintelligent?  If Yahweh, The Omniscient God, asks questions (Bereisheet 3:9, Melekim Aleph 19:9, Chaggai 1:4, Yonah 4:11), how much more so should I?


Did I ask a good question today? 







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