📖 ⛲ Fountain Of Youthful Thinking: Featuring Danielle Kerr

On May 14, 2018, 4:31 PM Danielle Kerr wrote:

“Hello! Please forgive me! This email got lost in my inbox and I just discovered it. I’m so sorry. If you are still interested in doing the interview, here are my responses. Again, I apologize for the delay.”

Here is our conversation. Please Enjoy. 

1. How were you first introduced to the Scriptures, and when did you realize that it’s the Word of Yahweh, teeming with truth?

Dani: My earliest memory of the Bible was when I was 4 or 5. My family attended a Seventh Day Adventist Church. My mom was on a quest for truth. She found a Messianic Jewish fellowship around that same time and we went back and forth to both churches. Eventually we claimed the Messianic church, Beth Elohenu, as our permanent fellowship. The Bible was basically handed to me on a platter.

2. With the ever-changing nature of technology, the advent of webcams, Google Hangouts, do you think the 4 wall congregation paradigm is antiquated?

Dani: No I don’t. I don’t think human interaction will ever be outdated.

3. As a young woman who loves Yahshua, what would you say the Body of Yahshua needs to improve on?

Dani: I’ve been seeing a lot of change recently. I think we are headed in the right direction. Mostly, I’d like to see less pride. Sometimes we forget that we ourselves didn’t discover the truth. We can’t go around bestowing knowledge on everyone. Yahweh revealed a small bit of truth to us and we still have a lot to learn. I want to see more people willing to listen and help others. With my blog, I’m trying to bring attention to modern issues that are effecting God’s people: mental health, sexuality, and living righteously in a today’s world.

4. How do you view the Great Commission at Matthew 28:19,20? Do you find it easy or challenging to share your faith in Yahshua with the world around you?

Dani: Personally, I believe Yahshua was speaking specifically to the disciples. Since, I am a wife and mother, I believe my first calling is to take care of my family. But I do believe in trying to be a light wherever you are. Being a light in darkness means standing out. People are drawn to light. When someone is drawn to me, I love to share my testimony.

5. What word of encouragement would you offer young Believers who are facing peer/societal pressure to abandon Yahshua & embrace the world?

Dani: You have to figure out why you believe in Yahshua and why you are following Him. Being a believer is a choice only YOU can make. It’s entirely up to you. Don’t blindly follow. This covenant life can be such an incredible adventure. Pursue a deeper relationship with God and really try and get to know Him.

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